How to Solve Corruption: Amazing Answers

How do we solve a corruption in this age? Usually, when we hear corruption, we think about the government officials. It is because we think that the government officials are the ones who do not do their duty very well. However, corruption starts from the basic. Corruption does not only take place in money. How can we solve corruption?

Get rid of Greed. Greed is the reason why there is corruption. Within people there are so many corruption that happens. People corrupt their wisdom, money and work.

Death Penalty to Corrupt Officials. A lot of people want to execute corrupt officials. This is because corrupt officials are the plaques of the society. There are so many officials hiding their greed and that they are doing what they want to do.

Citizens should not fear Officials. Citizens should stand firm to invoke their right. Officials receive salary from the taxes so officials have no right to take advantage of them. This is why people get angry if these money are used in different way.

Start reformation at home. Actually, honesty will always lead people to just gain. Honesty should start at home. This is the only way to be reformed. Of course, only those who grow up living an honest life can also grow as an honest person. At home we can be reformed if we practice it. This will be the basic foundation of being a good person. People would be able to distinguish what is right from wrong and we have to follow the beat of the conscience.