Most Corrupt Government in the Whole World

Know the most corrupt government in the whole world. Despite from the reinforcement to put down the authority of corruption, there are still numerous government that exercise extreme corruption in the nation.

North Korea. This does not need further explanation because the whole world knows where the money of the people are going. Of course, the whole world knows that people living in the country are suffering for lack of food. Netizens are not eating properly while the nation is filled guns, canons, and bombs. How then can the people survive?

Sudan. This country belongs to the top 10 most corrupt countries in the world. Of course, people are still surviving but because of corrupt government officials, the financially, people are still unable to eat properly.

Afghanistan. This is a place of terror and people are so poor in terms of their basic needs. Afghanistan children are being exploited to gain money. Although there are money for the people, the government does not provide all the needs of the people.

Iraq. This is one of the most corrupt country in the Middle East. The government focuses only on how they can expand their military power like that of North Korea.

Somalia. People always revolts against the government because it does not supply the needs of the people. People in the nation experience too much hardship but they can not do anything.

Syria. The government only focuses on war and people are trying their best to move out of the country because it is full of chaos.