The six fair trades principles and the major fair trade products

The countries have been doing trade for a very long time whether local, national or international with other countries. Trade has become part of the activities of the world that would give or sustain the physical life of all the humans that need to eat, be clothe and have a shelter. As time passed by, it became more organized and modern so systems have been established for a fair trade. Let us learn the principles of fair trade, the major and new products being traded.

You can read in the infographic the list of the six principles that should be practiced for a fair trade to occur. The basic and should be practiced is to give the fair price and also credit if given so that both parties can be able to have a benefit and not just them but the other consumers who will receive in the end the different products. The parties who also do the trade should also practice a fair labor for the production of their products. You can find great artworks of designing from this company of interior designing. Check this additional reading 旭昱設計 for more. This looks so good and intimidating company.

There has been news that some companies who are famous and known to produce the best quality violate the fair labor as they do not give the due benefits especially the mandated wages and working hours. They just command and employees should follow. Even their safety is not considered and many die while working without any benefits in return. There are more of the principles list above and also the list of the major products that includes coffee, tea, banana, sugar, and cocoa.