Political Power and Decrees

A lot of people want to become one of the most powerful in the society. How? Having a high position in the government is a good opportunity for those who have a dream to have authority or power. This is also known as political power. Each government from various countries may differ in political position but may have the same power or authority. In some countries, they call their leader as “president” but other countries call him or her as “king” or “queen”.

The president, king or queen are the highest position in the society and the government itself. There are also legislators or lawmakers. These lawmakers, also known as politicians can write  any law he wants to be implemented. Decrees and laws are very important. So, politicians are doing their best to think about any law they want to implement especially the laws that can benefit the people. In order  to maintain peace and order in the society, laws and decrees should be made.To avoid any chaos between one person and the other whether with power or not, obeying the laws is very important.

Presidential Decree. In Philippines, there are many Presidential Decrees. Some  of the presidential decrees are: Presidential Decree No. 148 referred to as the woman and child labor, Presidential Decree No. 23 that proclaims tax amnesty which is subject to specific or certain conditions, Presidential Decree No. 31 that exempts foreign tourists and travelers from paying hotel room tax while staying in the Philippines, and Presidential Decree No. 49 which is a law implemented for protecting intellectual property.